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    US Army’s SNES M.A.C.S Rifle Training Program

    This article was originally posted on Thanks to my friend Ben, he alerted me to this rare piece of retro gaming collecting. My friend collects rare video game items and in the world of Super Nintendo (SNES) the Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (M.A.C.S) is one of the top 5. Back in the 90’s when […] More

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    POTD: Freak Show Prone Shooting Position

    This article was originally posted on I found this photo on US Army WTF! Moments Facebook page. This soldier is using an unorthodox shooting position. Yes that is a female soldier and please keep your comments clean and appropriate. The position is apparently called Freak Show Prone and was created by Pat McNamara [embedded content] […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Virtra and Haley Strategic D7

    This article was originally posted on A few years ago I went to the Vehicle and Darkness D3 course with Haley Strategic. At this course, students learn how to fine-tune fundamentals while manipulating lights and shooting in and around vehicles. A vehicle ballistics lab was also very informative. After the course, I realized how […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Cool Fire Trainer’s C02 Kit Systems

    This article was originally posted on Cool Fire Trainers is a handgun training product company that emerged out of training for competitive handgun shooting. They have rifle training system (more geared to LE carbine use), but it belongs to a separate company and isn’t apart from Cool Fire Trainer line of products. The Cool Fire […] More

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    UMAREX Launches the Licensed Airsoft and BB Gun Replicas of GLOCK 42, 19 and 17 Pistols

    This article was originally posted on Earlier we reported about the Umarex announcement of their agreement with Glock of manufacturing licensed airsoft and BB Glock replicas. Now, Umarex has added the Glock branded airguns to their website and released videos showcasing these new pistols. Let’s take a look at key features and the released […] More

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    Homeland Security Rolls Out Virtual School Shooter ‘Game’ to Teachers

    This article was originally posted on The Department of Homeland Security has begun rolling out their virtual school shooter training program to staff working at schools across the US. The program uses established gaming software to allow various agencies and school staff to play out active shooter scenarios. The program, EDGE or Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, […] More

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