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    Noveske Black Rifle Coffee Company – Special Edition

    This article was originally posted on Many great things have happened over a cup of coffee, and this Noveske Infidel rifle is no exception. According to Noveske they met with Black Rifle Coffee Company about 6 months ago, and decided to make a limited edition kit. How strong do you want your coffee? They […] More

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    The Twelfth Day Of TFB Christmas: Long Guns

    This article was originally posted on At long last, we have reached the last day in TFB’s 12 Days of Christmas – long guns. Originally, I had marked today as being dedicated to rifles. However, after compiling my list, I decided that I needed to open the category up to include firearms that are […] More

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    Noveske Rifleworks Ghetto Blaster Rifle

    This article was originally posted on I’m not entirely sure Noveske Rifleworks chose the best and most responsible trade name for their new Gen 4 rifle platform, but it looks absolutely fantastic. A company with a reputation and a product like this should be able to come up with another name for their rifle […] More