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    Gear Review: A tale of three charging handles—is a HABU for you?

    This article was originally posted on Top to bottom–HABU, milspec, and ambi charging handles. (Photo: Team HB) Until recently, I was aware of two types of AR charging handles—mil-spec or a variant thereof, with the latch on the left side only, ambi, with latches on both sides, and now something completely different—the cuff-like HABU, […] More

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    Homemade Non-Reciprocating Forward Charging Handle for Saiga-9 PCC

    This article was originally posted on A couple of months ago I wrote an article telling about how a Russian guy converted his Vepr 308 hunting rifle into a tactical one using mostly homemade parts and modifications. Recently, the same man (Andrey) came up with another DIY project. He made a non-reciprocating forward charging handle for […] More

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    New Generation BCM Gunfighter AR-15 Charging Handles

    This article was originally posted on Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) has introduced the second generation of their Gunfighter series of AR-15 charging handles. The new handles come in standard or ambidextrous versions. Each of these two versions is also available with two latch length options. Standard and ambidextrous versions of the new BCM Gunfighter […] More

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    [SHOT 2018] Recover Tactical

    This article was originally posted on Recover Tactical has been working on accessorizing Glocks and S&W Shields. They have made themselves known for their 1911 grips, Beretta 92 grips and Glock Gen 1-2 rail. Well now they are looking at the rest of the gun and applying their ideas. They created this two piece […] More

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    Vendetta Precision VP-25 Extended Ambidextrous Charging Handle

    This article was originally posted on Vendetta Precision has introduced a new extended and ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle called VP-25. You can tell it is really extended because the overall width of the latches (tip to tip) is 4″! Why would anyone need such a huge charging handle? Vendetta Precision has some reasons for making […] More