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Good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us for a new century of TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine. Because of reasons – mostly turkey and frigid weather – I’m delaying our latest suppressor review/spotlights for a week. Look for suppressing 40S&W and 10mm as well as the IWI Galil ACE in 7.62×39 with the KNS Gas Piston in the weeks ahead. Today we’ll take a look at the suppressor survey and announce the winners of last week’s 100th edition giveaway.

Last week we asked our readers to submit a survey about their silencer hopes and dreams with the added benefit of the chance to win one of five prizes. To pick the winners, I had the Matt and Hrachya – TFB’s editors extraordinaire – pick a random number from a pool that had been assigned to each submission.

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I’ll be contacting the winners later today. Congratulations and thank you for supporting TFB’s Silencer Saturday!

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Suppressor Survey Results

Almost 2,000 of you filled out some basic questions about silencer ownership in the United States. Let’s take a look at some of the answers.

Are you a member of the American Suppressor Association?

Obviously, we have some work to do in this area – just a little over 10% of you belong to the ASA. Although the ‘why not’ responses were somewhat scattered, most replied that they didn’t even know about the ASA before taking the survey. The remaining responders said that money kept them from joining or that they already belonged to several gun organizations.

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

If you don’t own any suppressors, what is preventing you from buying?

Those of you who don’t own suppressor stated that cost – either of the actual products or the $200 tax stamp – is the main reason for not taking the plunge. But a significant number of you are concerned about the NFA wait times. About 10% of you are either unable to make a decision or have a lack of information on the specific make/model your are interested in buying.

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

When buying a new suppressor, what are the most important features you consider?

Sound suppression was the number one feature you all looked for when buying a new silencer followed by cost. Multi-caliber or multi-host support was in the meaty middle of the responses followed by mounting options and weight. I would have guess that durability would have been closer to the top since many internet discussions feature the ‘lifetime purchase’ argument.

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

How many suppressors do you own?

Surprisingly, about half of those who completed the survey don’t own any silencers. That could be because of the contest aspect – people took the survey to win something rather than because of their specific interest in suppressors. But I’ve tried to cater much of our weekly discussions to the NFA inexperienced, so maybe our target audience is listening. About 10% of you own five or more silencers, with 30% of the rest of you owning between one and four cans each.

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

If you do own any suppressors, what is preventing you from buying more?

About 35% of you who own silencers are still buying silencers, while 20% are holding off because of the NFA application wait times. Again, suppressor prices and the $200 tax stamp cost are equally responsible for some of you not buying suppressors. Four of you used your wife as an excuse for your lack of silencer commitment.

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

Silencer Saturday #101: Suppressor Survey Stats And Winners

Thank you for participating in the suppressor survey and giveaway. I think we should try to do more giveaways – maybe one a quarter.

Speaking of NFA wait times, our friends at Guns America published a story about the ATF canceling a program that fast tracked certain NFA applications. I’m torn; on the one hand applications should be handled in the order that they are received. On the other, simple applications not involving multiple trustees or errors shouldn’t be punished by applications that require additional work.

My solution is to abolish the NFA. Or at a minimum make NFA items cash and carry with a Form 4473 and a $200 tax payment.

Exclusive: ATF Kills Controversial Program that Fast-Tracked Applications for NFA Items (Guns America Digest) –

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) has scrapped a controversial pilot program that expedited applications to purchase items restricted under the National Firearms Act (NFA), including suppressors and short-barreled rifles.

I am putting together a multi-part series on the SIG Sauer MCX platform. Since my introduction to the 300BLK Rattler a few years ago it has quickly become one of my favorite guns to suppress. We’ll touch on adding silencers to the MCX in one of the upcoming installments.



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