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Good morning everyone and thanks for joining us for the 65th installment of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Even though the seasons officially changed this week, the weather refuses to cooperate with my range schedule. As such, this weeks Silencer review of the Energetic Armament VOX will be broken up into two parts: an overview of the Vox’s features and specifications today followed buy some range time a decibel metering early next week.

Which brings me to an important question: the decibel meter that I have been borrowing from Allen Engineering for the past year is returning home. Is it worth it to you as regular readers if I invest in a Milspec meter to test future review silencers? Is the unofficial data I collect at the muzzle and ear locations actually helpful to you when making purchasing decisions? Please let me know your thoughts in the the comments section or just send me an email.

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: The Energetic Armament Vox

SILENCER SATURDAY #65: Bombproof – The Energetic Armament VOX

I. Introduction

Let’s get back to today’s topic: the Energetic Armament Vox. As with most retail products in a capitalist market, many suppressor consumers tend to lean towards name brand options. And the practice of only buying from the biggest, most established manufacturers has merit: NFA purchases are so tedious that buyers avoid the risk of warranty work or worse yet, a full replacement triggering a taxable event (and yet another painful wait time).

However, by sticking with the established “household” names, buyers may be missing out on the hidden gems of the silencer world. And while Energetic Armament is a relatively small outfit, distributors, dealers and shooters are catching on to the Vox being a high quality product at an affordable price. As evidence to that fact, every Vox is sold the instant they become available – demand outpacing supply by a good margin.

One of the reasons that the Energetic Armament VOX is so popular is the research and science behind its materials and design. Rather than going with the standard Inconel or Stellite steel alloys commonly used on heavy duty suppressors, the Energetic Armament team spent a lot of time researching metallurgy and extreme environment applications. And they landed on C300 Maraging nickle-cobalt superalloy.

The silencer core is CNC welded from C300 Maraging (MARtensitic AGING) nickel-cobalt superalloy. Energetic Armament is the first silencer manufacturer to apply this ultra-strong alloy to a silencer. This aerospace alloy was developed and used by NASA to meet the extreme high-temp stress requirements of rocket motor casings with an incredible strength to weight ratio. Tensile yield strength is a measure of how much force a material can withstand before it begins to fail. Other manufacturers are stuck with 17-4 H1150 Stainless which has a yield of 100ksi or 6Al-4V titanium which has a yield of 120ksi. The C300 maraging steel used in the VOX™ is heat treated to achieve a yield of over 270ksi. What’s more: It has more strength at 1,000°F than either stainless (17-4 H1150) or titanium have at room temp! The unique material science of the VOX means you don’t have to compromise- you get the rugged full-auto rated capability of a heavy silencer with the light weight of a less rugged titanium can. No other silencer offers this spectrum of capabilities and features.

While I tend to joke about full-auto and “beltfed” ratings here in our silencer discussions and reviews, I do think that every shooter should own at least one hard-use suppressor. Whether you are gearing up for an end-of-the-world situation or just enjoy beta mag dumps, it’s nice to know you have at least one rifle silencer can handle the abuse. Get this, the VOX is nearly half the weight of some of the other market leaders that can handle full load-out firing schedules.

The beauty of the VOX is that it can take extreme abuse without the normal weight penalty of other “hard-use” suppressors.

Energetic Armament VOX

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: The Vox endcap and wipe.

On the other hand, bombproof suppressors can sometimes lack features or modularity to eliminate failure points or to keep costs reasonable. But the VOX is different – it can take a variety of different mount styles and it has a removable end cap with an option for a replaceable wipe.

Energetic Armament VOX

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: Vox and tools

II. Specifications:

Lets take a look at the numbers for the Energetic Armament VOX:

  • Weight: 12.6oz (357 g) – Direct Thread w/ wipe
  • Length: 5.9 in. (150 mm)
  • Diameter: 1.5 in. (38mm)
  • MSRP: $695
  • Manufacturer website:

For those of you who don’t pour over silencer stats on a regular basis, those are impressive numbers. To top it off, the VOX is full auto rated, can handle rounds up to 300RUM and has no barrel length restrictions.

VOX Materials/Finishing:

  • Welded Core: Heat Treated C300 Nickel-Cobalt Maraging Alloy US origin, DFAR certified
  • Nose cap: 17-4 H1150 Stainless US origin, DFAR certified
  • Direct thread adapter: 6AlV4 Titanium (Gr. 5) US origin, DFAR certified
  • Black nitride finish
  • Direct thread adapter: High temp graphite Cerakote finish

The Vox comes with a complete set of tools, including the VOX BLOX, a beautifully simple polyethylene tool for disassembling your silencer. The EA team also has VOX BLOX available for other manufacturer’s silencers.

Energetic Armament VOX

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: Vox Blox

To remove the endcap, slip the VOX into the VOX BLOX and chuck it up into a vise. Then use the supplied wrench to unscrew the endcap.

Energetic Armament VOX

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: VOX endcap, wipe and holder

The wipe is sandwiched in between the endcap and a threaded retaining holder. To remove or replace the wipe, simply use a 9/16 socket and the included Vox and unscrew. The both the cap and holder’s threads are coated with high temperature anti seize.

Energetic Armament Vox

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: Disassembled VOX endcap, wipe and holder

III. Mounts:

As I mentioned above, one of the great features of the VOX is the ability to use a variety of mounting options. The VOX can be ordered with a direct thread mount only, or with a direct thread mount and the Dead Air Key-MO QD mount. At the time of this writing, the list of compatible mounts includes:

  • SilencerCo Omega and similar mount threads (1.375”x24)
  • 1/2-28 RH Standard Direct Thread
  • 5/8-24 RH Standard Direct Thread
  • Dead Air Key-MO
  • SilencerCo ASR
  • Q Plan-B
  • Area 419 Hellfire

To swap mounts, use the VOX BLOX and the included wrench and unscrew it from the body of the silencer.

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: Removing the VOX mounts

The VOX has a deep blast chamber before the blast baffle.

Energetic Armament Vox

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: VOX blast chamber and baffle

IV. Comparisons:

Before we compare the VOX to other market leaders, I want to be clear that current manufacturers make excellent products. Comparisons are meant to highlight differences, not inadequacies. Here’s the current 1.5” diameter lineup:

  • SilencerCo Saker 762: 23.4 oz/10 in
  • Dead Air Sandman S: 17.7 oz/6.8 in
  • Rugged Razor 762: 15.3 oz/6.4 in
  • YHM Nitro Stainless: 18.2/20.2 oz/6.93/7.75 in

At 12.6 oz with a direct thread mount, The Energetic Armament VOX is leading the way in strength to weight ratio (that’s my unscientific analysis).

Energetic Armament Vox

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: VOX with the Dead Air Key-Mo ext to The SilencerCo Saker 762 and Key-Mo

At first pass, the VOX and Saker could be siblings, but remember there is a significant weight difference while maintaining similar strength characteristics.

Energetic Armament Vox

TFB’s Silencer Saturday: the VOX with the Q Plan B mounting system

The Q Plan B and Cherry Bomb mounting system is my current favorite when it comes to length and weight. While it may not technically be a QD it’s still beautifully simple to use.

V. To be continued

Next week we will have some range data on the VOX, evaluating its performance on a variety of different hosts and calibers and alongside other silencers like the Saker 762 and maybe the Surefire SOCOM RC2 5.56. Currently, it feels right at home on the Sig Sauer Rattler.

See you next week. Be safe. And thanks for reading TFB.

Published on Mar 14, 2019 – Silencer Shop

Axiom: When Silencer Shop started offering the Tactical Solutions Axiom can to enthusiasts, we really didn’t know what to expect. Tactical Solutions is notorious for creating high-quality parts and accessories for firearms, but they aren’t necessarily distinguished in the suppressor market. Fortunately for both parties, the Axiom turned out to be one of the best (pleasant) surprises we’ve received!

There are several reasons why the Axiom is now a shop favorite:

It’s quiet! And not middle-of-the-road quiet—the Axiom is one of the quietest rimfire suppressors we’ve tested!

It’s brain-dead-simple to disassemble and clean, even after shooting thousands of rounds of dirty rimfire ammunition. (user-serviceable)

It’s rated for everything from .22LR all the way up to 5.7×28 calibers. (full-auto rated)

It weighs a modest 6 ounces. (titanium; stainless steel)
Although it wasn’t an overnight market success, the Axiom has worked its way into the top-selling rimfire suppressor currently available. Based in Boise, Tactical Solutions used advanced technology to create this ultra-durable, highly-versatile silencer.

Ascent: The highly-anticipated brethren of the Tactical Solutions Axiom has arrived! Ladies and gents, we proudly bring you… Insert drumroll… The lightweight and user-friendly Tactical Solutions Ascent22 rimfire suppressor! (We can literally hear your applause.)

Building upon the palpable momentum created by the well-received and impressive Axiom can, Tactical Solutions designed the new Ascent22 silencer using some of the same qualities shooters have come to expect from the Boise-based manufacturer. This particular unit boasts a stainless steel and Tactical Solutions’ patented split-tube design, which makes cleaning simple and efficient. (Remember, less time maintaining means more time shooting.) In addition, DiamonDyze™ coating safeguards the baffles for increased durability. Not to mention, a titanium blast baffle and thread adapter enhance the already stellar heat- and wear-resistant design utilized in the Ascent22.

Aeris: If you ever needed proof that big things come in small packages, look no further than the Tactical Solutions Aeris Suppressor. Constructed of titanium and stainless steel, this micro suppressor packs a punch for its size and weight. The Aeris is easily serviceable due to TacSol’s infamous split-tube design. Weighing in at a mere three ounces, with a one-inch diameter and a length of three inches, this suppressor packs a punch.

Tactical Solutions used years of research and development to engineer a top of the line rimfire can that doesn’t compromise functionality or performance. Established in Boise, Idaho, TacSol has been pioneering innovative and dependable suppressors since 2002.

special Thanks: Mac Tactical

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