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A new season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? is upon us. Season 3 airs tomorrow on Outdoor Channel.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Hollywood Weapons, check out my other article to catch up. Right now Hollywood Weapons is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix has both the first and second season but Amazon Prime only has the first season.


Amazon Prime


Of course you can watch both seasons on Outdoor Channel’s own streaming service, My Outdoor TV.  Season 3 will be on Outdoor Channel first so if you want to watch it, either watch it on TV or get their streaming service.

On the @HollywoodWeapons instagram page they have a teaser trailer and some photos that look like they could be for the upcoming season 3.


From the teaser trailer above we get a glimpse of a few episodes.

Starsky & Hutch

The red car looks like the Ford Torino from Starsky and Hutch. I am not that familiar with the show to know what Hollywood myth they could be testing that involves weapons. Or could they be referencing the 2004 movie?

Screencap from @hollywoodweapons

Terry Schappert is dressed in a 70s style leather jacket and black turtle neck similar to Husky.

Screencap from @hollywoodweapons Instagram video

Photo credit

I think this photo, from their Instagram seals it. It is definitely a Starsky and Hutch episode.

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

Only the Shadow knows . . .

It appears Hollywood Weapons Season 3 will have an episode about The Shadow. More than likely it will be based on the 1994 movie starring Alec Baldwin.

Screencap from @hollywoodweapons Instagram video

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

Here is another photo from their Instagram posted on September 22, 2018, without any caption.  Could it be related to the Shadow? The architecture and costume look like they could be 1930s era which is when the Shadow is supposed to take place.

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram


From the photos and video, it seems they are testing some pirate themed myths. From the screen cap below, they are testing the iconic Hollywood scene where the hero goes down the sail of a pirate ship using a knife to slow down his descent.

Screencap from @hollywoodweapons Instagram video

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

When we were on set last September, Larry had mentioned they tested if you could shoot a pirate ship mast with a cannon. Which we see below.

Screencap from Instagram Video

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram


From the video above and the photo below they are clearly doing an episode on CHiPS. Will it be based on the 1977 TV show or the 2017 movie?

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

From this screen cap below it appears they are testing a myth based on shooting the back window of a fleeing car.

Screencap from @hollywoodweapons Instagram video

WWII Episode?

The photo below was posted November 18 last year without any caption. Hopefully they are testing some WWII movie myths?

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

Mystery Taco

The teaser video had a quick clip of this mannequin wearing a “I hate tacos, said no Juan ever” t-shirt.

Screencap from @hollywoodweapons Instagram video

And it is confirmed with this photo found on their Instagram account. But I have no idea what Hollywood Weapons myth this could be about. Do you recognize what show or movie this could be from and more importantly what the myth could be?

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

Another Hollywood Weapons Season 3 Mystery Episode

The photo below was posted October 26, 2018 without caption.

Looking at the location set, it might be some sort of myth set in modern times. Possibly something related to the middle east?

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram

However looking at the photo below, the same cameraman can be seen as in the photo above. He is wearing a special stabilizing camera vest rig and he is wearing the same clothes. Now we have what look like a Cavalry themed costumes so perhaps a Civil War based Hollywood myth?

Photo from @hollywoodweapons Instagram


So far we have the following potential episodes in no particular order:

  1. Pirates
  2. Starsky and Hutch
  3. The Shadow
  4. CHiPS
  5. WWII
  6. Tacos
  7. Cavalry
  8. ????

If Hollywood Weapons Season 3 mirrors the format of the previous two seasons, we should expect eight more episodes. So far I believe I have identified seven out of the eight episodes. The last three will be interesting to see what they are about since I have no idea what myth they could be testing.

The new season premieres tomorrow at 7:30pm EST on Outdoor Channel. Hopefully, the episode will stream on MyOutdoorTV at the same time for those of us who do not have cable TV.

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