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Sabatti have expanded their line of bolt-action rifles by introducing the Tactical EVO. If you are familiar with the products of this company you may have noticed the similarity in appearance with another Sabatti rifle, the Tactical Syn. However, in their press release, the company notes: “Tactical EVO is not just a restyling of the Tactical Syn, but a brand new rifle. It is the result of years of study and hard work aimed at designing the perfect rifle for all heavy duty applications where resistance over time and accuracy are a MUST!

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According to Sabatti, the action of this rifle is a completely new design. It features a three-lug bolt with a 60-degree bolt throw. The extractor is made of 17-4PH steel and the bolt has a spring-loaded plunger ejector. The contacting surfaces of the action are polished to reduce friction and noise. The rifle is fed from detachable box magazines. The bolt body has spiral flutes and the bolt knob is removable/replaceable. Here is what Sabatti says about probably the most important feature of the new action:

But what truly tells the new Sabatti Tactical EVO apart from all other rifles on the market is the way the action is fitted to the stock – the action floats above the stock by means of two supports which eliminate stress and improve accuracy.

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The Tactical EVO rifles are equipped with heavy profile barrels featuring Sabatti’s signature Multi Radial Rifling (MRR) which the company claims to be a superior rifling design compared to conventional lands and grooves. The barrels come with a threaded muzzle of 5/8-24 thread pitch and a thread protector.

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The fiberglass stock of the Tactical EVO rifle has a special coating that gives it a better gripping and abrasion resisting characteristics. The rifle will be available in three versions – Tactical EVO Black, Tactical EVO Chrome and Tactical EVO Desert. The first two will come with the shown black stock and the Desert will have a sand color stock. The company’s press release also notes that there will be a Tactical EVO US version of the rifle (which is presumably the one that will be exported to the US) which “shares the same features as the Tactical EVO with the exception of the employment of a very resistant, yet light tecno-polymer and 4 QD sling swivels for dynamic shooting competitions“. The stock also has an adjustable cheekpiece.

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Currently, the rifle can’t be found yet on the Italian Firearms Group website or elsewhere in the US. According to, the MSRP in Europe will be €1,570 (about $1,740) or €1,630 (roughly $1,800) depending on the configuration and the rifle will be available in one of the following caliber options: .308 Winchester, 6.5x47mm Lapua, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6.5×55 Swedish .300 Winchester Magnum and .284 Shehane. Stay tuned to be informed when this rifle hits the US market.

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