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Operator Coffee has devised a clever “Holiday Promotion” that is running now through New Year’s Day where you can purchase some of their coffee at a deeply discounted price which will then be delivered to a deployed veteran this Christmas and holiday season. While many of us are with our friends, family, and loved ones there are many veterans who will not be.

Houston, TX. (December 9, 2019) – Operator Coffee (OC) has launched its 2019 Holiday Promotion in support of Deployed Military Members.  Customers can visit the website and place an order for coffee at a greatly discounted price, but instead of the coffee shipping to the customer, it will be shipped overseas to a member of the United States military who is deployed and cannot be home with their family over the holidays.

A test run was conducted with a three-day promotion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and was received with positive feedback and support.  The small test promo generated a shipment of nearly 30 – 12 oz bags of coffee purchased to ship directly to the troops. Due to the response on the short notice test run, Operator Coffee decided to open the promo up and run it through New Year’s Day.

The first batch of coffee purchased during the Black Friday promotion will be on their way to a deployed unit during the week of December 9th.  If a customer knows of someone specific or has a family member deployed, they have the option to have the coffee they purchase shipped directly to that military member.  If they would rather it go in the bulk shipment, that is also welcome, and Operator Coffee will be shipping larger shipments to a few deployed units as the promotion continues.  Operator Coffee will request pictures from those receiving coffee and post anything they get back on their social media feeds.

The discounted price that Operator Coffee is running with this Holiday Promotion is $9 for a 12-ounce bag of coffee. They have flavors you can send to someone deployed varying from decaf to espresso to most everything in between. All of those flavors can be read below as presented by Operator Coffee:

  • 1 Minute Out (Espresso)
  • Trident Roast (Light Roast)
  • Roast 22 #NeverAlone (Medium Roast)
  • Para Blend (Medium Roast)
  • Swat Commander (Medium Roast)
  • Breacher Blend (Dark Roast)
  • Decaf

Ms. Sara Mellado, VP of Marketing for Operator Coffee, also had some words to share regarding their Holiday Promotion set to benefit our men and women who too often do not get enough credit, especially around the holidays:

This holiday season we decided to attack the holiday sales season with a bit of a twist. We thought it would be awesome during the season of giving and in the spirit of our brand to give our customers the option to add on a bag or more of coffee at a greatly reduced price that would go right to the troops, either of the customer’s choosing or in a bulk shipment to one of our designated deployed units.

Many of us who frequent TheFirearmBlog and local gun ranges love our coffee as much as we love the 2nd Amendment. I personally have never heard of a holiday promotion like this, but love the idea. If you are a coffee connoisseur and are looking to purchase some in general this December, give Operator Coffee a look. As always thanks for reading TheFirearmBlog, and Happy Holidays!

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