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It looks like Kimber is going to break the ice for gun companies by beginning to announce their new firearms for 2019 which we shall surely see at SHOT Show in January! First up is 3 new offerings through their Micro 9 line-up of concealed carry, hammer-fire pistols. The KHX line which was just introduced in 2018 through their full-frame 1911 models will now be applied to the Micro 9. A new series entirely is the ESV which will make its debut in the Micro 9 pistol as well.

Kimber currently has a lot of offerings through their Micro 9 series so what is different about these new ones for 2019?… Well, for one, the curb appeal and aesthetic is on point with something you might purchase out of a Custom Shop. The ESV series boasts front slide cuts and porting on a gold titanium nitride (TiN) finished barrel. You also have smooth handling with edges similar to their Carry Melt de-horning finish seen on their full-frame 1911 models. Aside from that you also have tritium night sights, a checkered front strap, and a checkered mainspring housing for strong handling.


NEW for 2019: Kimber Micro 9 ESV 9mm in Black & Gray


The Kimber Micro 9 KHX lends all the appearance and features as their full-frame counterparts by having hexagonal pattern serrations on the slide, Hogue G-Mascus G-10 grips, and a Stiplex checkering proprietary to Kimber on the front strap. The suggested pricing for these new models can be read below:

  • Micro 9 KHX | 9mm | MSRP $815
  • Micro 9 ESV (Black) | 9mm | MSRP $799
  • Micro 9 ESV (Gray) | 9mm | MSRP $799

Like all Micro 9 pistols, these utilize 1911 styling and controls, employ a Match-Grade Single-Action Trigger, and are constructed completely of metal. While these new models will soon be blanketing the internet, their realistic release time would be sometime in January around SHOT Show.


NEW for 2019: Kimber Micro 9 KHX 9mm

So with the completely new unveiling of the ESV line of Micro 9 pistols and the application of the KHX as well, are you a buyer? Can you jump on board and potentially buy one of these attractive yet utility-driven pistols? Or would you completely pass on them for something more simple? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.



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