Hungary to Produce CZ Weapons Under License

CZ BREN 2 Carbine in action (Česká zbrojovka)

Hungary looks set to replace its AK-63 rifles with the Czech BREN 2 as a licensing deal is signed with Česká zbrojovka. The 10 year contract will allow Hungary’s state owned HM Arzenal to manufacture CZ designs.

Milmag reports that the manufacturing deal is worth an estimated 100 million Euros or $123 million and will last 10 years. The contract details that over the decade Hungary will produce 200,000 firearms. The Hungarian Army is currently equipped with the AK-63, formally produced by Fegyver- és Gépgyár (FEG), introduced in 1977 it replaced the earlier AMD-65.

The modernized AK-63MA

The AK-63MA modernised by HM Arzenal (HM Arzenal)

With the shut down of Fegyver- és Gépgyár’s defence arm in 2004 after exports were blocked by embargoes HM Arzenal, owned by the Hungarian Ministry of Defence, undertook modernisation of the AK-63F to the AK-63MA in 2013. This entailed the addition of a railed top cover for mounting optics such as the Aimpoint Comp M3. Plastic furniture and an adjustable stock was also added, replacing the original wooden furniture.

The new deal, which has been in negotiation for several years, sees the CZ BREN beat out competition from Poland’s MSBS rifle and will see HM Arzenal produce a variety of CZ firearms including the Scorpion EVO and the BREN 2. The BREN 807, chambered in 7.62×39, may also be an option. It is unclear, but probable, that CZ’s pistol designs may also be included in the licensing deal. The contract was signed by HM Arzenal’s president Králicz Roland and David Höfer, the president of CZ Export part of Česká zbrojovka. Reports suggest that new production will create 200 jobs in Nyírtelek.

Milmag reports that the manufacture of weapons will begin with parts sent from the Czech Republic while new production lines are set up at Nyírtelek. Under the terms of the contract HM Arzenal’s capacity is said to be 20,000 weapons per year.


‘CZ production license in Hungary’, Milmag, retrieved 29/03/18, from source

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