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I don’t think Hornady manufactures the Zombie Max any longer, but I have some stock of various calibers.

They look really good on pictures, like Today’s Photo Of The Day.

Those with very good knowledge of firearms will notice that the magazines are for two different firearms – but which ones? 

They use the same caliber, 7,62×39 obviously, and they look very similar but right about there ends most similarities.

The top magazine (in the above picture) is made out of metal and for the CZ 858 or Vz 58. It’s my “back to basics” rifle, but with some practice I can hit out to 300+ yards, just don’t ask for groups as the target is usually a lot smaller than the sight.

As the Wikipedia link mentions: It (The Vz 58) shares no parts with Kalashnikov rifles, including the magazine.

The bottom magazine is made out of the famous Magpul polymer for the AKs.

The Hornady Zombie Max are (were) 123 gr. Z-Max bullets, brass cased. I guess Hornady ran out of that Zombie Green plastic and replaced it by red.

Here’s another picture, the amazing, glowing blue comes from a Benchmade Morpho Bali-Song.

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