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When you think of the classic gun rack, visions of a single-shot 20ga shotgun perched in a cheap pine, plywood or particle board cradle may come to mind. And I can say that with a straight face because in a previous life I’ve owned that complete setup. Hold Up Displays was nice enough to send over the opposite to a cheap wood rack – a vertical, wall mounted stand made from coated steel. Let’s do a step-by-step lightning review of the Hold Up Displays Vertical 6 Gun Rack.

LIGHTNING REVIEW: Hold-Up Displays Vertical 6 Gun Rack

1. Map out a location.

Take a look at the below dimensions to make sure you have enough wall space to store that break action 20ga.

2. Parts

The Hold Up Displays Vertical 6 Gun Rack comes in six simple parts with hardware. Lay everything out to make sure you have a solid plan before you start punching holes in your house.

3. Assembly

Use the two short bolts, washers and rubber grommets to install the upper rack onto the two wall mounts.

Use the two longer bolts and washers to install the bottom rack (the one that holds the buttstocks) to the two wall mounts.

4. Installation

Decide on a distance between the bottom rack and the top support. I went with 24 inches. If you own mostly SBR’s you may want a slightly shorter distance. Safari guns or .338 Lapua ultra-long range guns may require a slightly longer distance.

Install one wall mount for the bottom rack with the included wall screws, preferably in a location with a stud. Before installing the second mount, lay a level across the rack to ensure a straight setup.

Repeat the process for the top rack, remembering to line up the slots for the buttstocks with the cradles for the barrels/forends.

5. Conclusion

The Hold Up Displays Vertical 6 Gun Rack is well made, adding an out-of-the-way storage location for long guns either in a workshop or in a dedicated gun room. Buy with confidence.

Vertical 6 Gun Rack – Complete Unit

This modern gun rack holds up to 6 rifles or compound bows vertically. Sturdy construction with durable black powder-coat finish to give it a modern tactical look. Surfaces are padded with a soft rubber to prevent firearm from getting scratched or marred. This rack provide safe storage and is an optimal gun display for gun stores, ranges, and homes.

Available to mount to a 3 inch slatwall system or a flat wall surface. (Also available in pegboard and gridwall. Give us a call for these mounting options.)

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