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Every day TFB tries to give you at least one great photograph to look at, followed with a text about what is going on and which equipment is being used. We call this POTD for short, or Photo Of The Day. TFB is extremely happy to be able to share photos of the extremely talented Hille Hillinga, Hille James Combat Photographer. We don’t say this without a reason.

He is a Dutch Combat Photographer, working for their Media Center Defence (MCD).

In 2005 Hille started as an infantry soldier at the 11:th Air Manoeuvre Brigade, 11th infantry batalion.

During his deployment in Afghanistan in 2007, he and his team were hit by an IED as they were driving.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but Hille and his buddy got injured in the blast.

After his deployment, back in Holland, he found his new passion in photography and became one of the photographers for the brigade.

With his pictures he tried to show the world and what it feels like to be a soldier. What soldiers do and sacrifice for their country and loved ones.

The photo is taken from Hille’s Facebook page, but can also be found in this article, used with permission: Shana ba shana.

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