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It’s coming down to that time of year where stocking stuffers, postcards and other small gifts of gratitude or thoughtfulness are in high demand. Just in time for the holiday season, StickyBolt has dropped their 4th release of gun themed stickers perfect for the gun, movie or gaming enthusiast.

Fourth Gun Themed Sticker Pack by StickyBolt

StickyBolt normally divides their new products into drops that have various themes either based on specific regions, firearms, movies or video games – all gun-related of course. The 4th sticker drop features several “camo of the year” stickers, parts of their new AK Pack, as well as a few stickers from their Dictator Arsenal metallic sticker pack.

StickyBolt is running a discount offer currently to promote their latest set of sticker packs. When you order 5 or more stickers and use the code KEEPPOWDERDRY you’ll receive a discount on your order. The following below is an explanation of some of their latest sticker packs which would make great holiday gifts for friends, colleagues and range buddies, taken from a recent StickyBolt press release.


With the latest drop, the people have spoken – they wanted AKs so we gave them the AK Pack!

These metallic stickers have a classic Kalashnikov available along with a gold one for those who enjoy Gucci guns. We’ve also got the 7.62 x 39 mm loaded magazine to go with them. Each of those are high quality stickers with selective metallic areas in just the right places. To top it off, we couldn’t help ourselves with the “Kalashnicough” pun which fits 2020 so well. This final one in the AK pack is a matte sticker.


Keeping with a flashy theme we’ve also put out a Dictator Pack which includes the gold AK, a chrome Desert Eagle and a damascus steel knife. Each of these stickers are high quality with selective metallic areas.

StickyBolt Just Launched their fourth new Gun Themed Sticker Pack


We know a lot of our supporters have a soft spot for camouflage so we’ve begun our own CAMTONE swatch series which currently has four favourites; DPM, Rhodesian Brushstroke, Multicam and Tigerstripe. Each of the Camo of the Year swatches have a bit of history added to them noting a year they were used.

StickyBolt Just Launched their fourth new Gun Themed Sticker Pack

These slaps are matte with a soft touch feel to allow no light reflection. We hope to expand on these in the future.



StickyBolt Just Launched their fourth new Gun Themed Sticker Pack

For fans of Full Metal Jacket we have a sticker and target pack which includes three matte stickers, one satin holographic $15 packed with references and two 3D domed 7.62’s which will literally stand out from all your other stickers. To top it off, it comes with four double sided targets which have the Fig.11 and Fig.12 on them. Whether you take them to the range or hang them up in your gun room is up to you.

I think these would make a great small gift for this time of year when it can be hard to find (or source) other types of gun-related gifts to give out.

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