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Deals on D&H 5.56 magazines, the C308, Prvi 30-06 ammunition, the Vortex Razor GenII, and 80 Percent build kits.

Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

What the deal is:

Palmetto State Armory has put their D&H aluminum magazines on sale again. These are 30 round 5.56 magazines (or 9 round .458 SOCOM magazines), with that classic aesthetic to them. Additionally, these aluminum magazines are lighter than equivalent polymer magazines including the PMAG if weight is a concern.

Why it’s a good deal:

Originally priced at $12.99, these are on sale for just over half-off at $6.99. Any reader who is familiar with PSA will know that these magazines have been offered with free shipping before. When buying in small numbers, less than 10, it might be worth your time to wait until they’re offered at free shipping for $7.99-$12.99 each again. If you’re buying in bulk however, 10 magazines at $6.99 plus $8.50 shipping is less expensive than 10 magazines at $7.99 with free shipping.

Century arms c308 – $479.00 with grab a quote

Image Provided by GrabAGun

What the deal is:

GrabAGun is offering the Century Arms C308 at $220.99 off their list price. The C308 is a reproduction of the H&K-91, which itself was a civilian model of the H&K G3 battle rifle. It is built around the H&K roller lock delayed blowback system, and fires the 308/7.62×51 cartridge. It has an 18″ threaded barrel with a 1:10 twist and a 1913 picatinny rail welded to the top of the receiver. Its overall length is 40.2″, and it weighs 8lbs. There are concerns about Century’s quality assurance, with some buyers reporting blemishes and ill-fitting or lower quality parts. However others report getting excellent quality rifles. When you factor in how dirt cheap magazines are (seriously, they can be found for $2 a pop), these really do make for good (but not great) entry battle rifles.

Why it’s a good deal:

Originally listed on GrabAGun for $699.99, by hitting the flashing red and orange box that says “GRAB A QUOTE” and filling out your name and email, you will get an offer that’s $220.99 off, for $479.00 before tax and shipping. This is the lowest I’ve seen one of these on offer for, with these rifles usually appearing between $550-$600.

Prvi Partizan 30-06 Springfield Ammo 500 rounds – $319.95

Image Provided by Target Sport USA

What the deal is:

Target Sport USA is offering 500 rounds of Prvi Partizan 30-06 ammunition on sale. This ammunition is M1 Garand safe. It is 150-grain FMJ ammunition that comes in a stylish ammo box. This is new-production 30-06 in reloadable brass cases with non-corrosive boxer primers. It further has an average muzzle velocity of 2723 feet per second, which translates to a muzzle energy of around 2500 foot-pounds.

Why it’s a good deal:

Prvi Partizan ammunition is a reputable, high-quality ammunition manufacturer. This box of ammo is competitively priced at $319.95, or $0.64 cents per round. Prvi 500 round cans are usually found closer to $0.72 cents per round. While boxes can be found for closer to $60cpr, they’re difficult to find and rarely in stock for long.

Vortex razor gen II riflescope – $899.99

Image Provided by EuroOptic

What the deal is:

EuroOptic is selling the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 VMR-2 Riflescope. This scope has a 1-6x magnification range, a 24mm objective diameter, and needs 30mm mounts. The reticle is illuminated, and is the Vortex VMR-2 model, an image of which can be found on the site page. The glass is waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof, making it a highly durable scope. 

Why it’s a good deal:

At $899.99, this Vortex is being sold for $500 off list price. Street price these usually seem to go for somewhere in the $1099-$1300 range, making $900 a sweet deal off the regular price.

All build-your-own part kits 20% off at 80 percent builder

Image Provided by 80 Percent Builder

What the deal is:

80 Percent Builder is offering all of their polymer 80 Glock kits for 20% off. With one of these kits you can build your own Glock, much like building your own AR. The kits on offer are the G17, G19, G26, all of their custom parts kits, the G34 complete and upper kits, and the G19 long and extra long kits.

Why it’s a good deal:

All of 80 Percent Builder’s kits are high quality and fairly priced. Their G19 kit, for example, is on sale for $474.26 (base price), whereas a new Glock 19 Gen4 can be found for around $450-$500, and new Gen 5s go for around $550-$600 (ballpark). As a result, you can build a custom Glock for less than what a new Gen5 would cost you.

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