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Welcome to another Deals of the Week post ladies and gentlemen. As always, please let me know in the comments if there are any deals you want to see more of, less of, or that you want me to hunt for.

8mm Lebel ammunition – $19.95

Image Provided by AIM Surplus

What the deal is:

As most ammo nerds know, 8mm Lebel is a cartridge that was made obsolete at the close of World War One. That said, it also feeds into several very fun rifles, and is (by virtue of its age and obsolescence) difficult to find on the American market. So if anyone has a Lebel Rifle, either of the Berthiers, a Model 1917 Semi-Automatic, or anything else that takes 8mm Lebel*, this is worth buying.

*Note – if you by chance are one of the few people who own a Remington Rolling Block in 8mm Lebel, please post pictures in the comments so I can look at them longingly.

Why it’s a good deal:

The ammo is being sold for just shy of $1 per round, which according to AmmoSeek is the lowest that is currently on the market. If you buy more than 10 boxes the price drops to $19.25 a box.

Beretta 92FS black 4.9″ barrel 9mm – $429

Image provided by Shoot Straight

What the deal is:

Not a whole lot to say that would be new information. It’s the one, the only, Beretta 92FS. It is in black (personally I actually like it in FDE but a lot of people apparently hate that), it has the 4.9″ barrel, and it shoots 9mm Luger. It holds 15+1 of the aforementioned, and it has 3-dot sights. I enjoy shooting these, but it wouldn’t be my choice for a carry gun. That said, I do have a friend (shout out to you BK64) who owns and carries one.

Why it’s a good deal:

This is a pretty damn good deal on the full-sized 92FS. The compact ones (4.25″ barrel) are selling for around $500. These full-sized ones? Upwards of $100 more than what it’s being sold for in this link.

Disclaimer: any of my dear readers from Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, or Washington D.C? We are unfortunately SOL. Shoot Straight doesn’t ship to those locations.

Magpul M-LOK BiPod – $83.59

Image Provided by Scheels

What the deal is:

It is a bipod. It is in fact, a fairly good bipod. One might even say that it is well regarded. These tilt and swivel, and can swap out feet with the Atlas model. They are a hybrid of metal and polymer and are very well suited for the AR platform.

Why it’s a good deal:

For starters, these are sold by Magpul on their website for $110, so already you’re saving around $20. Off of Magpul’s website they can be found for somewhere in the vicinity of $95-105, and usually towards the higher end of that range. Is it an absolute screaming deal that you must must must buy? No. Is it a good price for a solid piece of equipment? Yes.

Sunny State Outdoors 20% off Site-wide with code USA20

Image Provided by Sunny State Outdoors

What the deal is:

Sunny State Outdoors is giving 20% off the entire site. So, what do they sell? AR rifle parts and Glock parts mostly. There are AR charging handles, muzzle devices, optics, BCGs, barrels, and triggers. In addition, there are about 15 different bits and bobs for Glocks, mostly a variety of Gen3 slides, but also various barrels and slide completion kits (everything you need to build the upper on a Glock).

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