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Next week the 2nd IPSC Rifle World Shoot will take place in Sweden.

To win, you need to train, and the best training can be had in real matches.

The match which is considered as one of the best and hardest IPSC Rifle matches is the Estonian Extreme Rifle. From here we have a collection of pictures as Photo Of The Day.

In my opinion, some of the stages are a bit too much of “circus shooting“, but the harder you train the better you fight? Try the unexpected, as I bet not a lot of the competitors trained sitting on a big purple balloon.

Above, on the purple ballon, you can see the Swedish Top Gun Rifle Team Shooter Mr. Olle Ackehed – he finished 4th (94%) in the in First World Rifle Shoot (IPSC) in Russia 2017. He just became Swedish Champion for the third time in a row.

Below: Canting the rifle 90 degrees. What happens?

Below: Back to basics

From the arranger:

This year’s Estonian Extreme Rifle is over. I hope that everyone enjoyed the competition and stages. I really hope that you have learned something new or at least know what to train more.
Special thanks for our helpers and range officers. They made an excellent work during those 4 days. Many thanks for that.
I hope to see everyone on Estonian Extreme Rifle 2020 in next year.
All feedback about stages is also welcome.

Map of the Location here.

Below: Jarkko Laukia, who finished 3rd in the last World Shoot with 98%. To the best of my knowledge, he won this year’s Estonian Extreme Rifle.

Below you can enjoy the video from 2019.


All photos from the Estonian Extreme Rifle Facebook.

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