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Seekins Precision was one of the companies showing off some of their newest gear at the Epic Shoot 2018 held by Leviathan and Big Daddy Unlimited. The Seekings Precision PRS accessories caught my eye. They have an adjustable ARCA style rail along with some other rails meant for bolt guns or PRS rifles.

The Seekins Precision rails are a little different from your run of the mill ARCA rails. These attach to your PRS handguard via MLOK.  As you can see in the photo below, just because you mount this new rail under your handguard does not mean you lose your 6 o’clock MLOK slots. You want your MLOK slots? Keep your MLOK slots. The Seekins Precision rails have MLOK slots cut down the center of their rail.

One major characteristic that you will notice about these rails is the scalloping all along the edge of the rail. According to Lukus of Seekins Precision, the scalloping is for a proprietary system that they will develop alongside this rail.

While the Seekins Precision ARCA style rail will work with RRS ball heads, they are designing a new type of attachment method. Right now the RRS/ARCA system uses a clamping style mount to grab onto the ARCA rail. Seekins Precision is planning on a quick change system that will be spring loaded and index on those scallops.

Below is their rail attached to the bottom of an AR15 handguard.


Here is one of their rails attached to their HAVAK rifle mounted in an RRS ball head.

Seekins is also updating their bolt gun line with the HAVAK Bravo series. These rifles will feature the following:

  • 24″ Tactical barrel
  • 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, or 6.5 PRC
  • Black cerakoted barrel
  • FDE, ODG, or Black KRG stock

Along with their ARCA style rail, Seekins is coming out with the light tactical rail. These are gunsmith installed MLOK slots for your stock. These will allow you to attach the Seekins adjustable ARCA style rails as seen below.

No word yet on the price or availability of these Seekins Precision PRS accessories. The guys at Seekins told me that they have a whole family of accessories that will work with their ARCA style rail. Hopefully we will see more next month at SHOT Show.

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