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Today’s Photo is a custom made Heckler & Koch MR 223 A3 with an 11” barrel.

Schrombo built it with a nice selection of parts and took the picture so we can share the experience.

It took quite some time and quite a few parts to make the Heckler & Koch MR 223 A3 11” rifle into the kind of rifle I really can appreciate.

I replaced the handguard (now from Midwest Industries), the flash hider (still from HK, but from the G36C), the rear stock (now the Minimalist stock from MFT), the pistol grip (now from Magpul) and the charging handle (now the latchless one from Blackhawk Industries).

Then I added a nice HK style set of sights, a Meopta Meosight optic, a Magpul front grip, an Arisaka handstop, a Midwest Industries barricade stop, a Noveske QD end plate and a Magpul QD M-Lock adapter.

But now I have to say, I really like it!

I kind of agree! I love this 11″ as well.

Germany, the beloved land of Heckler & Koch (until they start ramping up the production in the USA!)

My own MR223 is stuck in jail at 16″, but I added a Troy carbon fiber handguard to mine which was a really nice upgrade.

Picture used with permission thanks to Schrombo – check his Instagram out!

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