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While attending the Big Daddy Unlimited “Epic Shoot” 2019 in Savannah, Georgia hosted at the 17 South Rod and Gun Club we stopped by Microtech to check out their ‘wares and see what was new with them! One of their most intriguing pieces they brought with was their R2K9 Modular 9mm silencer. This was out of Microtech Defense Industries, a division of Microtech, that is specializing in suppressors as a supplement to their quality knives.

Like many silencer companies do, Microtech Defense Industries came to fruition and pressed forward with the goal of making the best centerfire handgun silencer they possibly could. In many people’s eyes, they may have already accomplished that mission. With 8 patents filed and 5 of them already approved for their R2K9 Modular 9mm silencer plus 40+ decibels of noise suppression in its K configuration, it is a true contender within a very talented category for suppressors.

Microtech Defense Industries, Inc. (MDI) R2K9 Modular 9mm Silencer [Full Assembly]

  • Average dB Reduction – 35.06 Dry
  • Average dB Reduction – 36.87 Wet
  • Overall Length – 8.63″
  • Overall Weight – 11.50 Oz.
  • Overall Diameter – 1.375″

Microtech Defense Industries, Inc. (MDI) R2K9 Modular 9mm Silencer [K Configuration]

  • Average dB Reduction – 31.57 Dry
  • Average dB Reduction – 40.72 Wet
  • Overall Length – 6.47″
  • Overall Weight – 9.00 Oz.
  • Overall Diameter – 1.375″

All of the decibel readings were accomplished and verified through independent suppressor testing facilities using their equipment and testing locations. For consistency, the same manufacturer and lot number of 147 Grain 9mm ammunition was employed as well. Also, all of the testing conducted conforms to MIL Standard MIL-STD-1474D.

The main body, accessory module, and baffles are constructed from 6AL-4V titanium. The R2K9 is full-auto rated, user serviceable and the front endcap serves the dual purpose as being a “master key” for dis-assembly. For anyone who purchases one of these, you receive a 13.5×1 LH piston, 1/2″x28 TPI piston, a fixed barrel spacer, and a hard-sided waterproof case in addition to the actual silencer.


A strong tip of the hat to Microtech already is that they secured a military contract with this modular silencer! Like always with military contracts, much of it is still meant to remain quiet. Microtech was able to state that their silencer endured and won through 9 months of testing and that it will now take an additional 10 months (roughly) to fill the requirements for this contract. So kudos to them!

A final note is that all shots fired from the R2K9 silencer are rated at hearing safe levels regardless of the length or configuration of the silencer. The last question that might be plaguing you is what kind of price are we talking about?… Well, its current MSRP is set at $1,400 which we will not sugarcoat, that is quite a bit. In comparison to similar quality, modular 9mm silencers though it is in the same ballpark for pricing.

There are 4 different finishes shooters can choose from for the R2K9 Modular 9mm silencer in Apocalyptic, Vapor Blast, DLC Black, and Flat Dark Earth. With all of the specs laid before you, what do you think? This silencer has already garnered the successful attention of the military and is impressively quiet when wet in its K configuration! Would you buy one? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.





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