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Good morning suppressor freaks and geeks, and welcome to the 50th edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Thank you for stopping by to read my decibel rants every week – without you guys the series would have been dead by episode four. Last week we discussed the value of fullsize pistol suppressors and their roles in different situations. This week I’d thought we could take a look at a beautiful binary trigger equipped pistol caliber carbine with a twist. This CZ Scorpion has been sent down to the silence scientists at Innovative Arms for a transformation into a true integrally suppressed SD model. The result? An awesomely compact and quiet 9mm pistol (or rifle).

SILENCER SATURDAY #50: Beautiful Binary CZ Scorpion SD

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been interested in owning one of the CZ Scorpion EVO line of pistols and carbines. And for no good reason; owners of suppressed Scorpions report nothing but positive reviews. But the Innovative Arms SC9 is a Scorpion that has my full attention. IA gunsmiths port the the barrel and mount a custom silencer underneath a HB Industries handguard. The setup is not modular like the SilencerCo Salvo – the overall length is fixed. And owners should note that because the silencer can be removed for cleaning, adding a stock to the SC9 will require an National Firearms Act (NFA) Tax Stamp for a registered Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).

Thanks to my friend and FFL/SOT extraordinaire Mark from MAC Tactical, we got some hands-on rangetime with the SC9. Using three types of ammunition, two subsonic and one supersonic variety, the integrally suppressed Scorpion is very quiet with just a hint of “port pop”. The bullet hitting the backstop 15 to 20 yards away was louder than the actual report of any of the ammo tested yesterday. Without metering the setup, the SC9 is comparable to some of the best suppressed pistol caliber carbines on the market today. Because of the barrel porting, supersonic and subsonic ammunition sounded almost exactly the same.

My one minor criticism is is that the handguard/silencer combination precludes the use of the forward MLOK slots where a handstop, vertical fore grip or flashlight mount would normally sit.

Priced at about $1,700 (depending on options) the SC9 from Innovative Arms is a real value for those of you looking for a very quiet, compact and fun setup. Silencer Saturday approved.

Innovative Arms SC9 Scorpion Pistol

You ask us to build a BAD TO THE BONE integral for the CZ Scorpion and we heard you! The IA-SC9 transforms the Scorpion into the perfect shooting experience. It’s industrial strength rugged, sweet to your ears, and gives subsonic velocities with high velocity ammunition. The integral is user serviceable with the baffles numbered for easy reassembly, and comes with the HB Industries 6.84″ handguard kit already installed.  All the MLOK slots on the bottom can be used and all of the side slots can be used except for the front two slots of both rows. Offered as a complete integral pistol or as a modification to your provided Scorpion. See below for more information, including pricing and how to order.

Innovative ArmsSC9

NOTICE: Adding a stock to this integral firearm will make it a short barreled rifle and all NFA rules for SBR firearms will apply.

Caliber: 9mm
Weight: adds only 12 oz to the original pistol weight.
Length: Barrel is machined down to 4.875″ for a total barrel/suppressor length of 9.6″
Material: 17-4 and 6061
Finish: Type 3 hard coat anodized

MSRP: $1,699 -$1749 complete integral pistol.  This is for the complete integral CZ scorpion pistol with 6.84″HB Industries handguard kit. Total price for the complete integral firearm package varies by CZ Scorpion pistol model and color.


MSRP:  $998 integral/barrel/handguard kit combo. The $998 includes integral suppressor, HBI Generation 2 barrel/trunnion, barrel modification and 6.84″ flat HBI handguard kit. 

MSRP: $850 integral suppressor/handguard kit combo. You will be shipping us your CZ Scorpion pistol barrel/trunnion. The $850 includes integral suppressor, modification to your provided barrel, and 6.84″ flat HBI handguard kit. NOTE: Barrel must be at least 4.9″ long.

MSRP: $725 integral suppressor only. You will be shipping us your CZ Scorpion pistol barrel/trunnion. The $725 includes integral suppressor and modification to your provided barrel.  NOTE: Barrel must be at least 4.9″ long. The use of a 6.84″ HBI handguard kit is required.

Beautiful Binary

IA SC9 above the the B&T TP9-N SBR

Our friends at Franklin Armory sent over their latest binary trigger designed as a drop in replacement for the CZ Scorpion. Again, with the assistance of MAC Tactical, we were able to test the Franklin BFSIII CZ-C1 in the IA SC9 integrally suppressed Scorpion.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to test the Franklin Armory binary triggers for HK platforms, the B&T APC9 and now the CZ Scorpion. With practice, the Franklin triggers can mimic fully automatic fire. But with a limited amount of trigger time, I’d say that the the trigger is an advanced two-round burst setting. Either way, the BFSIII for the CZ Scorpion performed flawlessly, emptying 25+ rounds at a time in short order with no misfires, double feeds of failures of any kind.

Yes, the $500 MSRP can be steep, but since a civilian-owned select fire Scorpion SC9 in the U.S. is a pipe dream, a binary trigger is truly the next best thing.

Franklin Armory BFSIII CZC1

Franklin Armory® BFSIII™ CZ-C1

Beautiful Binary

Franklin Armory BFSIII CZ-C1 Assembly. Credit – MAC Tactical

The BFSIII™ for CZ Scorpion is a 3-Position Trigger. In position 3 it will fire 1 round on Pull and 1 round on Release. This makes it the fastest semi-automatic trigger on the market. The BFSIII™ is ideal for Tactical and Competition use. The BFSIII™ provides greatly reduced split times between rounds and the ability to place two separate shots into a tighter group.

Trigger Operation:

Position 1 – Safe –Will not fire.

Position 2 – Semi – Fires 1 round per pull.

Position 3 – Binary – Fires 1 round on pull and 1 round on release.

Beautiful Binary

Two SD’s – Classic vs Nouveau


We also had the opportunity to compare two K sized pistol silencers. The Thompson Machine Poseidon on the Beretta M9A3 in FDE and the DeGroat Nano titanium silencer on a GLOCK 19. Both performed surprisingly well when run with some ablative media. The Nano is also shockingly light weight.

Beautiful Binary

Thompson Machine Poseidon on a Beretta M9A3 and a DeGroat Nano on a GLOCK 19.

Hopefully you get a chance to pull triggers on some suppressed weapons this weekend. If you do, please send me an email with a picture or two.

Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you next week for episode #51 of TFB’s Silencer Saturday.

TFB’s Silencer Saturday is brought to you by Sig Sauer

Published on Dec 2, 2018 – VSO Gun Channel

Sound Suppressors are hard to shop for because the information on them is sequestered and its made difficult for 3rd parties to obtain because of the draconian, Unconstitutional regulations instituted by the National Firearm Act (NFA) on silencers. This video is about how I put together our Absolute Audio presentation from the testing we perform for suppressors. Remember that the dB scale is logarithmic and is can be deceptive for anyone who isn’t tracking or doesn’t care to remember back to algebra II. To be clear, manufacturers should absolutely meter their cans with a quality sound meter capable of measuring single impact noises with rapid rise times (approximately $10,000 meter). Our absolute audio test is an audio/visual representation of that performance.

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