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Photo Of The Day, and it’s a photo to make the people of the United Kingdom proud (above).

We are looking at the tank competition IRON SPEAR 2019, which finished with a tank crew challenge.

The exercise IRON SPEAR 2019 tested specific tank crew skills by demonstrating the readiness and the strength of the NATO alliance.

Below is an impressive battle line with tanks from all over the World.

Canada, Spain, Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom – those are the flags visible below.

Not your average round.

I’m no expert on tanks, but I think this is a PT-91 Twardy of Poland, a development of the Russian T-72.

Today was the first day of IRON SPEAR 2019, a tank competition bringing together 3 of the 4 eFP, demonstrating our cooperation through the Baltic states and Poland.

Below: German Leopard II. Note the round about 2/3rds to the right in the picture.

Probably a Spanish Leopard 2 below.

Canadian Leopard II.

We have a great video for you as well.


Also, have a look at Knives forged from the barrels of the German Leopard Main Battle Tank and

POTD: Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank


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