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Photo Of The Day – we take a look at a handmade knife and a double rifle.

The double rifle is a 450 Express, marked “J Areschougs Malmö” (Malmoe, Sweden), but it is originally a German rifle made before 1892 according to the owner. 

The knife is a sticking knife, so it resembles a dagger in shape and function.

The steel is Uddeholm Arne O1. The material in the handle is unknown.

Personally, I’d say that if this is a dagger or a sword depends on how tall you are. If you’re a Hobbit then it’s definitely a sword!

Below: PJ Leather made all the sheets in leather. I’m sure you will notice the Luger pistol as well.

Below: The blade is getting some work done. Unfortunately, the blade warped badly during production, which took a lot of time to mend. Not “banana” warped, but almost. After a lot of work, the blade is not straight.

Below: The guard fenders were soldered to the knife.

All pictures from Håkan Spuhr, who made the knife.

Have you ever made your own knife? How did it go? 

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