Tired Of Your Old Gun? Sell it to Us the Easy Way! :: not only delivers Second Amendment news and great deals on firearms, ammo, and accessories but also makes it simple to sell your guns as well.

Have a gun that just isn’t what you are into these days? Trying to consolidate calibers and want to weed out the oddballs? Shifting gears toward specializing on a particular type or model of firearm? Just trying to clear up space in the safe for something new? Need some extra cash?

We, as a Federal Firearms Licensee, have the solution.

Just start our online process which can bring you from a click to a check for an honest price in record time.

How it works:

Give us the 411 on your gun

First, simply tell us about your firearm including manufacture, model, caliber and condition. You will be able to complete this transaction entirely online.

Be sure to send us a few pictures. We need images that show blemishes, scratches, dings, as well as the overall quality of the firearm.

Note: it’s best to try and take photos in natural light if possible. You don’t have to be a shutterbug, this was snapped with a phone in a backyard #nofilters.

Let’s Make a Deal!

After we get your information, one of our professional gun appraisers with decades of experience in the firearm industry will evaluate your gun, taking demand, current market prices, and other factors into account, then make you a serious offer for a fair price. You may be pleasantly surprised at the offer.

Box inbound

If the offer sounds good– and we have found in thousands of cases that it usually does– we’ll send you a custom box with a prepaid label directly to your home. Simply pack the unloaded firearm carefully in the box with any accessories you mentioned in the offer such as spare magazines, bayonets or optics– but no ammo– and send it back to us.

Get paid

Once we receive the gun, we’ll do a quick double-check to make sure its the same firearm in the offer and not a super soaker, then you’ll have your check winging its way to you. All payments are sent within three business days of approved inspections.

Keep in mind we buy single guns looking for a new home as well as whole collections. In the case of the latter, we may even arrange to come to you personally.

Give it a try, what do you have to lose?



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