Brownells’ Long Slide for Gen 3 Glock 19 available for pre-order

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Brownells adds a Long Slide for the Gen 3 G19 to its inventory of Glock accessories. (Photo: Brownells)

Brownells gives the people what the want, releasing a full length long slide for the Glock 19 Gen 3.

The Long Slide adds extra length to the G19 frame, delivering a longer sight radius for better shot placement on target. Brownells adds wide serrations at the front and back for a better grip while racking the slide in addition to a “window” on the top of the slide. The window acts to reduce weight while improving air flow to the barrel, keeping it cooler during longer shooting sessions.

(Photo: Brownells)

The Long Slide features serrations on the front and back for better gripping during slide manipulations. (Photo: Brownells)

The Long Slide ships with standard factory front and rear sight cuts, allowing users to install aftermarket sights. Brownells also serves up RMR models designed with a pre-cut slot for Trijicon RMR red dot sight installation.

“The shorter G19 grip is an excellent option for those who carry concealed and have trouble with larger grip ‘printing’ but are OK with the full-size pistol’s longer slide. And it aids shooters with smaller hands who find the full-sized G17 grip cumbersome,” Brownells said in a statement.

(Photo: Brownells)

The slide allows users to get the benefits of the G17 length while still enjoying the concealability of the G19 frame. (Photo: Brownells)

The Long Slide does require Brownells’ Extended Barrel for the Glock 19 in order to function correctly, the company said.

The Long Slide for the Gen 3 Glock 19 is available for pre-order with prices starting around $249.

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