Indiana Expungement and LTCH

Indiana Expungement and LTCH

  1. Indiana Expungement and LTCH

    In August, I recieved an expungement for a prohibiting felony for dealing drugs. I also filed for my LTCH that month. The local police waited for the records to update and finally forwarded the application to ISP on Oct. 1. I called ISP and was told that the ATF and FBI were once again at odds on whether Indiana expungements satisfy the federal definition of a proper person with the right to purchase and possess. I was told by Anthony of the ISP firearms division that it could be another several months before it was decided on a federal level, hopefully once and for all. Has anyone with an expungement recently received a LTCH or won an appeal for purchase of a firearm? I was denied a purchase also. I am hoping to hear from others who have been successful. I will be quite frustrated to learn that the multiple thousands I spent to get my rights back was for nothing. Any feedback or info will be appreciated. Thanks.


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