Cloak Slide vs Cloak Belt Holster: What’s The Difference?

There are, of course, some key differences between the Cloak Belt Holster and the Cloak Slide OWB. Those differences can add up to whether one of them is better for you than the other.

The Cloak Slide holster base is made of 8-12oz leather in brown or black if you want. It has an almost rectangular shape (it’s more like a rectangle that has a funny growth on one side) with adjustable leather belt loops on the back.

The base of the Cloak Belt Holster, however, is a bit different.

cloak belt holster owb

The Cloak Belt Holster has a full sweat shield, which the Cloak Slide lacks. This feature keeps you from feeling the slide of your gun and any controls. Granted, the done thing is to wear an undershirt with open-top holsters that lack a sweat shield, but with the new base design you don’t have to.

hybrid holster

Another feature of the holster base is that the Cloak Slide has exposed hardware. Look at the back, you see the holster mounting hardware along with that of the belt loops. The Cloak Belt Holster, however, buries the mounting hardware under the backing layer. The belt loops of the Cloak Belt Holster have the hardware countersunk, so you won’t feel it.

owb holster

The base of the Belt Holster, however, is wider than the Cloak Slide, which means it will take up more side-to-side room on the belt. While it does take up a bit more space, a wider holster base also means a bit more stable platform to draw from, which is important.

What do these differences add up to?

In short, both do the same job – carry high and tight, letting you conceal easily if you want or open carry if you want. The Cloak Belt Holster is designed to carry a little more comfortably, but the Cloak Slide has a smaller overall footprint.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide which is a higher priority.

But the good news is that Alien Gear Holsters includes a 30-Day Test Drive trial period as part of our Iron-Clad Guarantee. If you purchase one or the other, you can return it in that time for a full refund.

Either way, you’ll carry in comfort!

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