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Afternoon everyone. Its been 91 days since my renewal application with the sheriff. My permit expires in 3 weeks. What happens if my renewed permit does not come back before then? I asked the sheriff, an assistant just said, you can continue to carry while it is expired until my new permit arrives
Does that sound normal? If I get pulled, will the local or staties know that or will i be in violation?

Thank you

since you applied for your renewal before your current CHP expired, the following will apply.

You can still carry IN NC until your new CHP is issued.
You canNOT use it to carry outside of NC
You canNOT use it to purchase firearms.

If an NC LEO runs your drivers license, it will show that you have applied for a renewal, and will honor it as valid. (I confirmed this with a friend that is a deputy, who pulled my NCOL up on his phone)

I am surprised this was not explained to you at the time you by the sheriff’s dept when you submitted your renewal request.

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