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[SHOT 2018] Geissele Introduces Remington 700 Triggers & New URG-I Upper Receiv

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At the 2018 SHOT Show, Geissele Automatics made fans very happy by bringing out 3 new and much-asked for products. First, the company released its new Remington 700 trigger line, which consists of a single SKU adjusted from the factory to two models: Single stage and two stage. The Geissele R700 trigger is three-way adjustable for pull, overtravel, and number of stages. As configured in the two stage mode at Industry Day at the Range, the R700 trigger is virtually identical to the Geissele SSA-E AR-15 trigger. In single stage mode, it is most similar to Geissele’s SSP single-stage version of the SSA-E, revealed at last year’s SHOT Show.

Geissele also brought with them several of the highly anticipated URG-I upper receivers. These upper receivers, which are already on preorder through Brownell’s website, are close clones of US SOCOM’s new URG-I Block III upper receivers, developed in concert with Geissele Automatics. The URG-I is the debut of Geissele’s MK16 rail, which features a wider diameter and all around M-LOK slots on the 45 degree at every position but the 12 o’clock 1913 rail. The URG-I combines this with the excellent cold hammer forged chrome lined Daniel Defense 14.5″ midlength barrel, Geissele’s SCH charging handle, and Surefire’s SOCOM SF3P-556-1/2-28 (which is pinned and welded to meet ATF specifications for barrel length of non-NFA weapons) with a standard M4 upper receiver and bolt carrier. Brownell’s is also offering a stripped version that lacks a bolt carrier, charging handle, and muzzle device. The Geissele URG-I differs from the production SOCOM version in that it uses the Geissele SGB gas block instead of the Daniel Defense Mk. 12 SPR gas block, and the 3-prong Surefire SOCOM flash hider instead of the 4-prong version, which is not commercially available.

The URG-I complete upper receivers even come with clone-correct marked SCH charging handles. Note the special engraving. No Geissele markings are found on the top of the stem of the charging handle, as well.

The combination of 14.5″ barrel length and a midlength gas system produces an extremely soft-shooting gun that is extremely easy to shoot quickly and accurately. Properly configured rifles of this type are so stable that the crosshairs of mounted magnified optics will remain clear even when they are fired in fully automatic fire from the shoulder.

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