Best Places To Buy Ammo Online

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Knowing the best places to buy ammo online will ensure that you don’t fall for scammers or vendors who would frustrate you before delivering your goods. In case you wonder why you should buy ammo online and not do so offline, it may interest you that prices at offline stores are obnoxiously high compared to online purchases. Do not be surprised that at an offline store, you may pay 40% higher than you’d pay at an online store even after including the taxes and shipping fee.

Best Places To Buy Ammo Online

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory makes the list as my first entry-level site to get ammo due to affordable prices. So, if I’m buying in bulk, they are my first point of call. Their prices for cases are usually the best around. Popular calibers like .45 ACP, 9mm, and .223/5.56 are all available at relatively lower prices. Sometimes, your stock can be shipped for free; else, you’ll be paying an extra $20–$30. 

If you were a customer about five years ago when their delivery system was painfully slow, it is only right that you enjoy the remarkable speed at which they operate now.

Lucky Gunner

Having traded with them for over six years now, I’m adding Lucky Gunner to the list because of their extensive, real-time stock and shipping speed. Most ammo retailers are skimpy when it comes to their shipping departments or web technology, but there’s no such worry with this site. Issues such as having to wait for a backorder after paying for the stock, having to create an account before knowing your shipping costs, and waiting for 1 – 2 weeks before getting your orders are virtually non-existent with Lucky Gunner. 

Their live inventory is always next to their products; there’s a 101% guarantee that your goods will be shipped the next working day, and your shipping fees are ascertained even without having an account.


If you’re gunning for gun parts and specialty tools, Brownells is your dealer. In addition to their extensive collection, they have excellent customer service, charge reasonably on shipping, and cut down on ammo costs. Their website allows you to add products to cart and get to know your entire costs, and even if you visit another website, the cart remains. So, you can easily compare costs across websites. 

Should there be any problem with the gear you order, there’s never a problem with returning and getting something better as long as certain conditions are met.

Concluding The Best Places To Buy Ammo Online

Drawing up this list of the best places to buy ammo online involved some considerations. I checked for some common issues with ammo purchase online and made adequate findings to ensure that the places on this list don’t get similar problems. The considerations were speed of transaction, ease, and having to wait because my orders are suddenly out of stock after I’d paid. 

The sites above all guarantee that you’ll receive your ammo in 3 working days at most, don’t require you to register or login before placing an order, and never run out of stock since they make the ammo themselves. Notable mentions include Cabelas and Sportsman’s Guide.

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