How To Buy A Handgun In Rhode Island

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Below, we’ll look at a guide on how to buy a handgun in Rhode Island, but before we do so, is there any difficult law specific to this city in New England? 

I would say no, as there are very few restrictions on handgun acquisition in the state. Let’s walk through the process of becoming a responsible gun owner in Rhode Island & legal defender of your freedom.

Buying a Pistol in Rhode Island

Buying a pistol in Rhode Island is shooting through a couple of easy hoops. It’s generally the usual requirements, with a little twist: the Blue Card (also called the safety card & to be issued by the state) or a Hunter Education Course card.

We’ll see how to acquire either of these cards, but first, the general requirements. To buy a pistol in RI, you have to:

  • Be 21 years old at least;
  • Have a state ID;
  • Honestly fill a “Purchase of a Pistol” application form.

How to Get the Blue Card in Rhode Island 

To get the safety card in Rhode Island, you have to apply for it (of course), but before then, you must:

  • Successfully undertake a hunter safety course;
  • Undertake a pistol safety course under the supervision of the Department of Environmental Management;
  • Lastly, pass the Department of Environmental Management test on handgun safety.

Apparently, the state thinks that it is only right to learn how to use a pistol properly before buying it, hence the need to take a course. If you’re not ready to take this course yet, there’s no need to hurry. The DEM test can be taken at your local firearm store or the DEM head offices. 

Securing the Hunter Education Course Card

The HE course card is issued after you complete a hunter’s training course. Surprising, is it? This is, thankfully, a simple process that can be completed online. If you would prefer to do so physically, too, you can do it at your community center or shooting ranges. Your local gun store should be able to direct you to where you can take the Hunter Education course. 

There’s no age limit to getting the HE card, so you can get it whenever you choose to. Your kid can take it when he’s five, or you take it while you’re 65. However, a person must be up to 12 years before they can hunt, even if they got their card before that age.

For kids between 12 & 14, they get a junior hunting license, although a licensed Hunter at least 21 years old has to accompany them on their hunting trips. For 15-year-olds & older, they can go hunting without any supervision as long as they’ve secured their Hunter Education card. 

This course requires a minimum of 10 hours in the classroom, and it covers firearm laws, wildlife management principles, game care, Hunter responsibility, outdoor emergencies & survival, specialty hunting, hypothermia & water safety. In a nutshell, it’s everything to know before carrying a hunting rifle! 

But What About Actual Gun Purchase?

With the emphasis on cards, you may forget that you still have to buy your gun. Now, with the Blue Card or HE card, visit your local dealership & identify the handgun you want. After this, you’ll complete the Purchase of a Pistol Application Form and send a copy to the Attorney General as well as the state superintendent/local police chief. 

Upon this submission, you will wait for a minimum of 7 days before you are permitted to get your pre-identified choice of handgun from the store. That’s all. 

Final Lines on How to Buy a Handgun in Rhode Island

You now know how to buy a handgun in Rhode Island. I hope this helps a lot. If it does, get back to me in the comment section.

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